Tips for Choosing a Broccoli that is Fresh and Healthy

Broccoli is one of the vegetables that are believed to have a myriad of health benefits for the body. Where this one vegetable can be consumed raw, can even be processed or processed into a variety of dishes that are so delicious, delicious and delicious. A known vegetable that this one is very powerful to prevent lung cancer, prostate cancer, and stomach cancer.

It is no secret that broccoli is said to be a vegetable that contains many benefits. Relatives of cauliflower or cauliflower are rich in provitamin a, vitamin c and folic acid. Not only that, broccoli also contains many major minerals such as potassium, potassium, calcium, iron, and selenium. Even other compounds can be found on this one vegetable.

Although broccoli is rich in benefits, in fact, broccoli also has flaws, where vegetables are famous one can not be durable or easily rotten and easily damaged. Broccoli does not have a long enough storage time, therefore you should be able to choose broccoli properly when buying it either in the market or in the supermarket. This is so that you do not get stuck when choosing, if you are able to choose broccoli properly then this can also help broccoli remain fresh and durable. However, for now, you all do not feel worried because on this occasion we will describe what kind of tips to choose fresh and healthy broccoli:

  • When choosing broccoli, you are expected to choose broccoli in a dry state because broccoli that contains water will cause broccoli quickly rot.
  • Pay attention to the flower. Choose broccoli with a dense bud and bud, with a green color that is still compact and dark.
  • Do not buy broccoli that contains blackish or yellowish spots. Because the black and yellow spots are usually caused by dirt, foul point or wilting.
  • When buying broccoli in the market or in the supermarket, you should never hesitate to use your sense of smell. It aims to recognize the symptoms of invisible decay.
  • Meanwhile, to find out whether the broccoli that you buy fresh or just the opposite, you can press the stem over broccoli by using the fingertips. Fresh broccoli usually has sticks that are still hard or not soft.
  • That’s the tips you can apply when you want to choose broccoli.semoga with this tips you no longer stuck when choosing broccoli.


How to keep your ears to stay healthy

The ear is one part of the organs of the human body that plays an important role as the sense of hearing. In addition, the ear also helps maintain the balance of the body, so it can work well in performing daily activities. Unfavorable ear condition will bring adverse effects such as hearing loss.

However, sometimes we often neglect to do it. In fact, we often bring our ears to dangerous circumstances, either intentionally or unintentionally. Then do you know how to make your ears become healthy? For those of you who want to keep the sense of hearing remain healthy, then it’s good to pay attention to the following tips

Avoid listening to loud voice volumes

In addition to age, diseases, infections, genetic factors, the use of various drugs, and because of trauma can disrupt the health of your ears. There are other factors that can create disturbances in the sense of hearing, such as the habit of listening to something like music, or television shows with a volume that is too high or too hard.

Avoid the habit of cleaning the ears by using foreign objects keeping

ear hygiene is an important thing. Dirty ears can cause infections that can cause pain and lead to the problem of body balance. At the time the ear feels itchy, surely we will think that our ears are dirty and hastily take something like a cotton bud to be able to clean it. Actually in the medical world that is very prohibited, because the actual dirt-dirt on the ear is designed to protect our ears. Entering foreign objects such as cotton bud into the ear will damage your drains and eardrums.

 use ear protection

When traveling by airplane, it is likely that there will be some disturbance to the ear caused by the pressure that occurs. More serious conditions of pressure that occurs when in the plane is the occurrence of bleeding, the emergence of pain, as well as perforation of the eardrum.

 Perform routine checks

Most of us will only conduct medical checks with medical personnel when they are sick. Health experts strongly recommend that we perform regular checks of the health of organs including the ears, although there is no disturbance or problem.

Avoid scratching the ears

When the ears are itchy, we will overcome it by scratching it. Whether it is intentionally or done reflexively. These habits will lead to adverse effects, such as more susceptible to irritation

From the description above, we can know that the ear is one of the complex organs. Where in addition to acting as the sense of hearing, the ear can also help to maintain body balance. For that, the health of the organ of the ear is very important to be maintained health. By maintaining the health of the ears, meaning we will be free from pain or infection that occurs in these organs. In addition, it can also save the sense of hearing from the risk of damage.


How to treat natural sprue

How to treat canker sores naturally is very easy and can even heal quickly. Thrush is a small wound that is on the lips or cheeks in and feels uncomfortable. Even because the thrush then talk becomes not easy or not clear. Thrush is small spots, round, red and will whiten at the tip. When the sprue into the second day it will feel hot and very sore. Children affected by sprue will be more fussy than usual.

Thrush can occur to everyone and is included as one of the most common disorders. Although thrush can heal itself but treating canker will speed healing one of them using olive oil. Olive oil has several properties and one of them is to cure canker sores. Olive oil can cure inflammation and is to remove all microbes or diseases in the mouth. Olive oil can also overcome the discomfort such as stiff on the sprue. In addition, the olive oil will help overcome the sore wounds and heat on thrush and Rinsed with Salt Water


  • Drop olive oil into a bottle of mineral water then shake until evenly distributed
  • Use a cleaned spray bottle and mix the water and olive oil.
  • Spray gently into the sprue.
  • If done regularly for three or four times a day then canker sores will recover faster.
  • Rinsed with salt water

Salt is one ingredient that can make some diseases such as canker sores and toothache can heal. Salt contains alkaline substances that can make bacteria or germs out of the wound sores. It’s not very pleasant but it can make your canker sores heal faster. Even canker sores also fight inflammation in the area around the sprue that can cause swelling.


  • Take a teaspoon of clean salt and mix it with a glass of water.
  • Aft several times until the salt dissolves in this water mixture.
  • Use water to gargle regularly for one or two days.
  • If the treatment is done actively than the sprue will be cured and more comfortable.


Watermelon benefits for the body

Watermelon is a type of watery fruit that most types of red colored fruit flesh. This fruit is very suitable for consumption when the air feels very hot or during the day is quite hot. This is because almost 90 percent of the watermelon content consists of water. The fruit is easy to get in traditional markets as well as in more modern markets. Most of us would love to consume these watery fruits. However, in addition to thirst relief a substitute many benefits of watermelon for your body’s health.

The red color on the watermelon indicates that this fruit contains various nutrients, vitamins, minerals, potassium, beta-carotene, vitamin c and fiber needed by the body. Therefore, start providing watermelon as one of the desserts in each of your daily menus. Companions, health tips. The red color on the watermelon indicates that this fruit contains various nutrients, vitamins, minerals, potassium, beta-carotene, vitamin c and fiber needed by the body. Therefore, start providing watermelon as one of the desserts in each of your daily menus.

The rich variety of nutrients and vitamins in watermelon helps to maintain and maintain the health of every body. This health tip will reveal the benefits of watermelon that you may not know. Here are 7 amazing benefits of watermelon for your body’s health:

  • Healthier heart. Watermelon is a source of lycopene. Lycopene contained in watermelon plays an important role to maintain the health of heart organ you have.
  • Healthier eyes. This is because this fruit contains beta-carotene that will be changed in the body into vitamin a. Vitamin a is a vitamin that will nourish your vision organs.
  • Boost the immune system. Watermelon is also a source of vitamin c. Vitamin c has the function of helping to improve the body’s immune system. So the body will not get sick easily when the weather is not good or very extreme.
  • Protection from free radicals. A variety of factory smoke, motor vehicle fumes, and inhaled air can trigger free radical entry that can threaten your body’s health.
  • Watermelon contains carotenoid compounds that can neutralize free radicals that enter a person’s body.
  • Strengthen the bones of the body. This is because watermelon is one of the fruits rich in potassium content.
  • Healthier kidney organs. Consuming watermelon fruit will help improve the flow of urine. With the smooth flow of urine, it will also affect the health of kidney organs in the body.
  • Reduce body fat. Watermelon is a type of fruit rich in citrulline content which plays a role in reducing excess fat in your body.


Benefits of Sleep Without a Pillow For Health

have quality sleep activities that you do every day ?. In this case, can sleep and sleep in your night sleep. So that activity you do in the morning can run smoothly and in accordance with the wishes. One of the tips you can do is to sleep without a pillow. Then is there any tremendous benefit that we can get from sleep without a pillow for health:

  • sleep without pillows, lots of benefits you can get for health. So it is highly recommended that you do sleep without using a pillow.
  • one of them is getting quality sleep. This time health tips will be about the extraordinary benefits of sleep without pillows for your health. Health tips, here are the extraordinary benefits of sleep without pillows for your health:
  • Sleeping without a pillow will make you look younger or in other words can prevent premature aging. This is because, for those of you who do not use a pillow in his sleep, it will not emphasize his face on a pillow that can leave wrinkles on your face.
  • You will get quality sleep every night if you do not use a pillow. This is because your body will be in a normal state and not as high as the next time you use a pillow while sleeping.
  • Sleeping without a pillow is very good for your spine health. This is because, when using a pillow during sleep, the spine will experience a change of location and can cause back pain in the morning.
  • Sleeping without a pillow can straighten your bones. This is because. When you sleep without a pillow, then the position of the bone will be in position and straight as appropriate position. Therefore, it is advisable not to use a pillow while you sleep.

Thus the health tips entitled the extraordinary benefits of sleep without a pillow for health. Hopefully, it can be of great benefit to the readers as well. Warm greetings from the author.


Benefits of orange for health

Orange is an orange that is very liked by everyone from among children to adulthood. From the sweetest taste that is what attracts everyone’s tongue to taste the fruit of the orange. It is common knowledge, if oranges are one source of vitamin c is good for our bodies. The content of citrus fruits is very good for maintaining and protecting our body from some very dangerous diseases that can attack the body. Therefore, eating orange fruits is highly recommended for your body’s health. Here are the great benefits of orange for your health:

  • The first benefit of orange is very good to prevent cancer such as skin cancer, breast, lung, mouth, and colon. This is because citrus fruits contain d-limonene which is an excellent compound to prevent various cancers.
  • For those of you who have problems with high levels of cholesterol, then consume orange is one solution that you can take. This is because citrus fruits contain hesperidin and pectin. Both substances are very good for lowering cholesterol levels in your body.
  • You have high blood pressure. So consuming orange fruit is also very good for lowering your high blood pressure. This is because citrus fruits contain hesperidin and magnesium that reduce your high blood pressure.
  • You have arthritis or stiffness in your muscles and joints. So the consumption of orange fruits is an alternative that you can take.
  • Orange fruits are also very good for strengthening your immune system. This is because the orange fruit is a source of vitamin c. The function of vitamin c is to stimulate the production of white blood cells in our body. So it is very good and can boost the immune system in our body.
  • Orange fruits also contain antioxidants. An antioxidant function that can help protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals so you will look more youthful. With diligently consume the citrus fruit.


Dangers of smoking

Smoking seems to be one of the staples in some people around the world. A variety of compelling reasons always accompany it as if to be more handsome, strong and male-spirited or just want to eliminate all the burden of life and stress that is always experienced. In fact, all people including smokers themselves already know that there is content of harmful substances that will adversely affect the health of the body, especially the organs in the body.

Companions, health tips. Although the war on cigarettes has started since the first, still many people are still a hobby smoking cigarettes in their daily life. So the solution is the need to grow self-awareness about the dangers of smoking for health. Organs in the human body that can be damaged by smoking a continuous cigarette. Here are the organs that will be damaged by smoking:

Heart organ

this organ is the first organ to feel the impact of smoking. This is because, if a person smokes a cigarette continuously, there will be hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels. So the heart will work harder in draining the blood throughout the body. So that a heart attack or stroke will befall for those who like to smoke abruptly.

Eye organs

these are organs that are also affected badly for those classified as smokers. Permanent macular degeneration or blindness is one of the worst impacts that would disturb the vision of someone who smokes in all activities.

Lung organ

this is one of the organs that is damaged in every smoker. Diseases that affect lung organs such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

Kidney organ

this is one of the organs that also experience problems if we smoke cigarettes continuously. Kidney cancer is the worst impact that can affect kidney organs in smokers.

Smoking habits may be difficult to remove, but after knowing the various adverse effects of smoking on the health of the body above, still we do not realize ourselves to stop or stop smoking from this second.