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5 Fun Things to Do with Your Loved One at the Renaissance Faire

Renaissance fests pack tons of fun into a small section of the world. You’ll find handmade crafts, plenty of costumes, lots of laughs, and heaps of good food—all from the Renaissance era. So, dress up, grab your loved one, and take a stroll to the Renaissance Faire.

Go in Renaissance Period Costumes

Search through the online world to find Renaissance Period costumes. Or, wait until you and your love get through the faire gates, then try on costumes at one of the costume shops on the sidelines. They usually have Reniassance dresses and other costumes galore in all sizes for all shapes.

Make a Wax Hand Sculpture

Wax hands are fun to make because you and your loved one can hold hands while you make them. There are guides at each stall to tell you how to make them, and you can choose any color you want. Throw in sparkles for extra glitz. Then, when the sculpture cools, you can sit it on a shelf at home as a memorable memento of a great day.

Sit for Caricatures

Caricatures are funny cartoons with the essence of your facial features. There are plenty of artists at Renaissance fests; many of whom would be happy to draw you and your gal or beau as quirky, unique characters. The portraits are inexpensive and take around 30 minutes to complete. You can frame them and hang them up when you get home.

Share Bread Bowls and Turkey Legs

One of the best parts of a Renaissance faire is the food. Turkey legs and bread bowls are most popular, but there are also sausage sticks, grilled corn cobs, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Talk about delicious! The portions are always heaping too, so you and your loved one could definitely share.

Pick Out Souvenirs Together

Most women love the colorful metal roses that adorn several of the shops at a Renaissance festival. Their petals are sleek, beautiful, and often sprinkled with rose perfume for that realistic flower-like element. Or, head over to the armory, where most men would enjoy being outfitted for a custom shield or sword. Of course, these crafts are handmade and expensive, so bring a bit of cash to burn through on your trip.

Renaissance festivals are super-fun for entire families, but they can be especially romantic for couples. If you anticipate taking your loved on to a Renaissance faire, use the aforementioned article as solid suggestions about what to do when you get there.