Dangers of smoking

Smoking seems to be one of the staples in some people around the world. A variety of compelling reasons always accompany it as if to be more handsome, strong and male-spirited or just want to eliminate all the burden of life and stress that is always experienced. In fact, all people including smokers themselves already know that there is content of harmful substances that will adversely affect the health of the body, especially the organs in the body.

Companions, health tips. Although the war on cigarettes has started since the first, still many people are still a hobby smoking cigarettes in their daily life. So the solution is the need to grow self-awareness about the dangers of smoking for health. Organs in the human body that can be damaged by smoking a continuous cigarette. Here are the organs that will be damaged by smoking:

Heart organ

this organ is the first organ to feel the impact of smoking. This is because, if a person smokes a cigarette continuously, there will be hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels. So the heart will work harder in draining the blood throughout the body. So that a heart attack or stroke will befall for those who like to smoke abruptly.

Eye organs

these are organs that are also affected badly for those classified as smokers. Permanent macular degeneration or blindness is one of the worst impacts that would disturb the vision of someone who smokes in all activities.

Lung organ

this is one of the organs that is damaged in every smoker. Diseases that affect lung organs such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

Kidney organ

this is one of the organs that also experience problems if we smoke cigarettes continuously. Kidney cancer is the worst impact that can affect kidney organs in smokers.

Smoking habits may be difficult to remove, but after knowing the various adverse effects of smoking on the health of the body above, still we do not realize ourselves to stop or stop smoking from this second.