How to keep your ears to stay healthy

The ear is one part of the organs of the human body that plays an important role as the sense of hearing. In addition, the ear also helps maintain the balance of the body, so it can work well in performing daily activities. Unfavorable ear condition will bring adverse effects such as hearing loss.

However, sometimes we often neglect to do it. In fact, we often bring our ears to dangerous circumstances, either intentionally or unintentionally. Then do you know how to make your ears become healthy? For those of you who want to keep the sense of hearing remain healthy, then it’s good to pay attention to the following tips

Avoid listening to loud voice volumes

In addition to age, diseases, infections, genetic factors, the use of various drugs, and because of trauma can disrupt the health of your ears. There are other factors that can create disturbances in the sense of hearing, such as the habit of listening to something like music, or television shows with a volume that is too high or too hard.

Avoid the habit of cleaning the ears by using foreign objects keeping

ear hygiene is an important thing. Dirty ears can cause infections that can cause pain and lead to the problem of body balance. At the time the ear feels itchy, surely we will think that our ears are dirty and hastily take something like a cotton bud to be able to clean it. Actually in the medical world that is very prohibited, because the actual dirt-dirt on the ear is designed to protect our ears. Entering foreign objects such as cotton bud into the ear will damage your drains and eardrums.

 use ear protection

When traveling by airplane, it is likely that there will be some disturbance to the ear caused by the pressure that occurs. More serious conditions of pressure that occurs when in the plane is the occurrence of bleeding, the emergence of pain, as well as perforation of the eardrum.

 Perform routine checks

Most of us will only conduct medical checks with medical personnel when they are sick. Health experts strongly recommend that we perform regular checks of the health of organs including the ears, although there is no disturbance or problem.

Avoid scratching the ears

When the ears are itchy, we will overcome it by scratching it. Whether it is intentionally or done reflexively. These habits will lead to adverse effects, such as more susceptible to irritation

From the description above, we can know that the ear is one of the complex organs. Where in addition to acting as the sense of hearing, the ear can also help to maintain body balance. For that, the health of the organ of the ear is very important to be maintained health. By maintaining the health of the ears, meaning we will be free from pain or infection that occurs in these organs. In addition, it can also save the sense of hearing from the risk of damage.