How to treat natural sprue

How to treat canker sores naturally is very easy and can even heal quickly. Thrush is a small wound that is on the lips or cheeks in and feels uncomfortable. Even because the thrush then talk becomes not easy or not clear. Thrush is small spots, round, red and will whiten at the tip. When the sprue into the second day it will feel hot and very sore. Children affected by sprue will be more fussy than usual.

Thrush can occur to everyone and is included as one of the most common disorders. Although thrush can heal itself but treating canker will speed healing one of them using olive oil. Olive oil has several properties and one of them is to cure canker sores. Olive oil can cure inflammation and is to remove all microbes or diseases in the mouth. Olive oil can also overcome the discomfort such as stiff on the sprue. In addition, the olive oil will help overcome the sore wounds and heat on thrush and Rinsed with Salt Water


  • Drop olive oil into a bottle of mineral water then shake until evenly distributed
  • Use a cleaned spray bottle and mix the water and olive oil.
  • Spray gently into the sprue.
  • If done regularly for three or four times a day then canker sores will recover faster.
  • Rinsed with salt water

Salt is one ingredient that can make some diseases such as canker sores and toothache can heal. Salt contains alkaline substances that can make bacteria or germs out of the wound sores. It’s not very pleasant but it can make your canker sores heal faster. Even canker sores also fight inflammation in the area around the sprue that can cause swelling.


  • Take a teaspoon of clean salt and mix it with a glass of water.
  • Aft several times until the salt dissolves in this water mixture.
  • Use water to gargle regularly for one or two days.
  • If the treatment is done actively than the sprue will be cured and more comfortable.