Vitamins to boost immunity system

Vitamins are one of the nutrients needed by all members of the body in addition to carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins. All of these substances have their own functions. Therefore, sufficient nutrients needed by the body is a matter that is very important for the health of your body. The role of vitamins in a person’s body is very vital. This is because, vitamins can help maintain, maintain, increase and fight various viruses and bacteria that endanger the body. Then, what kind of vitamin that has such an important role.

The body’s immune system that we have can not always be maintained and increased continuously. Seasonal changes can cause a decrease in one’s immune system. Pain is one sign that one’s immune system is declining. Consuming various vitamins needed by the body can help maintain and improve the body’s immune system that we have. Here are 4 vitamins that play a role in improving your body’s immune system:

  • Vitamin a. This is one of the vitamins we need to get enough every day. This is because, vitamin a has a function as a strong fort as an antidote to viruses, bacteria, and germs that will enter the body.
  • Vitamin b. B6 and b12 are the types of b vitamins that are intended. Regarding its function, this vitamin plays a role to strengthen and enhance the immune system that you have.
  • Vitamin c is one of the vitamins that can maintain and improve the body’s immune system. The real fact, vitamin c becomes one of the bastions of the body that has the task of dispelling and destroying viruses and bacteria that endanger your body.
  • Vitamin e. This is the fourth vitamin that has a function similar to the three vitamins described above. Another feature of vitamin e in addition to boosting the immune system can also kill cancer cells that can harm the body. For those of you who want to prevent cancer, try to meet the need for vitamin e is