Sleeping position is good for health


Sleep is one of the routine activities performed by every human being. With the ultimate goal of physically and mentally resting after a full day doing various work that drains one’s mind and energy. Unimaginable, if our sleep activity is disturbed or experiencing various health problems. One of them, one’s ignorance about the sleeping position is good for health.

Companions, health tips. The Proper sleeping position will make our sleeping activity will be more qualified and also good for your health. So the activity that we do in the morning can run smoothly. Some of the advantages that we can get a good sleep position is to minimize pain in the neck and back when waking up, both for the health of the nervous system and also the health of your spine. This health tip will present articles about the best sleeping position for your health. Health tips, this is the best sleeping position for your health:

  • First, one of the sleeping positions that are good for your health is with a sloping position. By the way, the position of the hips and knees in buckling about 45 degrees. In this case, you also need a pillow under your neck. So your face and your head are in a position that is proportional to your body.
  • Second, the sleeping position is best for your health that is the supine position. By the way, add a suitable pillow that is placed in the head and below your knee. It aims so that your head position is more proportional to your body and your hips are more flexible and your knee can bear the pressure coming from sacroiliac joints and spine

Thus the health tips Friend, that review the best sleeping position for health. Hopefully useful and useful for all readers. good luck!!


Vitamins to boost immunity system

Vitamins are one of the nutrients needed by all members of the body in addition to carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins. All of these substances have their own functions. Therefore, sufficient nutrients needed by the body is a matter that is very important for the health of your body. The role of vitamins in a person’s body is very vital. This is because, vitamins can help maintain, maintain, increase and fight various viruses and bacteria that endanger the body. Then, what kind of vitamin that has such an important role.

The body’s immune system that we have can not always be maintained and increased continuously. Seasonal changes can cause a decrease in one’s immune system. Pain is one sign that one’s immune system is declining. Consuming various vitamins needed by the body can help maintain and improve the body’s immune system that we have. Here are 4 vitamins that play a role in improving your body’s immune system:

  • Vitamin a. This is one of the vitamins we need to get enough every day. This is because, vitamin a has a function as a strong fort as an antidote to viruses, bacteria, and germs that will enter the body.
  • Vitamin b. B6 and b12 are the types of b vitamins that are intended. Regarding its function, this vitamin plays a role to strengthen and enhance the immune system that you have.
  • Vitamin c is one of the vitamins that can maintain and improve the body’s immune system. The real fact, vitamin c becomes one of the bastions of the body that has the task of dispelling and destroying viruses and bacteria that endanger your body.
  • Vitamin e. This is the fourth vitamin that has a function similar to the three vitamins described above. Another feature of vitamin e in addition to boosting the immune system can also kill cancer cells that can harm the body. For those of you who want to prevent cancer, try to meet the need for vitamin e is


Tips eliminate fat in your body

Tips eliminate tiredness. Everyday activities that never stop making our entire body feel very tired. Want us to leave the routine. All students or workers must have felt tired of all activities that have been undertaken every day. Then what have you done to relieve the fatigue felt by our body. Tiredness is a tired feeling perceived by our body and mind when an activity that drains energy both energy and thought is run at a time. At the time the body feels tired than the activity that we will do next to be disturbed.

The easiest way we can do is to rest for a while. But actually, there are some tips that help you relieve fatigue on your body. Health tips, the following will peel thoroughly. Here are tips to relieve fatigue in your body:


Get used to breakfast before starting your activity. This is because with breakfast every morning before the move the mind and condition of your body will be more stable than those who do not breakfast.

Fulfill body nutrition

Eat regularly with foods that contain various nutrients needed by our body, be it carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and foods that have a high fiber content.

Fibrous foods

Eat with fiber-rich foods. This is with fibrous foods that will provide more energy in our body. So not easily tired in all our activities.

Enough white water

Drink water according to the needs of our body. The best is 8 glasses a day can be more. This is because water will facilitate the blood flow to all our cells and organs. So that the blood circulation smooth and fatigue will be reduced.

Listen to music

Listening to music that you like is one effective way to eliminate fatigue in your body.


Seeing the comedy show on television is also able to relieve fatigue that you experience after the move. By laughing off all the burden of mine and tired on your body will disappear without you knowing it.

Washing face

Before taking a shower after a move that makes you tired, try to wash your face with cold water first. It is also able to help relieve the fatigue that plagues your body and mind.