Sleeping position is good for health


Sleep is one of the routine activities performed by every human being. With the ultimate goal of physically and mentally resting after a full day doing various work that drains one’s mind and energy. Unimaginable, if our sleep activity is disturbed or experiencing various health problems. One of them, one’s ignorance about the sleeping position is good for health.

Companions, health tips. The Proper sleeping position will make our sleeping activity will be more qualified and also good for your health. So the activity that we do in the morning can run smoothly. Some of the advantages that we can get a good sleep position is to minimize pain in the neck and back when waking up, both for the health of the nervous system and also the health of your spine. This health tip will present articles about the best sleeping position for your health. Health tips, this is the best sleeping position for your health:

  • First, one of the sleeping positions that are good for your health is with a sloping position. By the way, the position of the hips and knees in buckling about 45 degrees. In this case, you also need a pillow under your neck. So your face and your head are in a position that is proportional to your body.
  • Second, the sleeping position is best for your health that is the supine position. By the way, add a suitable pillow that is placed in the head and below your knee. It aims so that your head position is more proportional to your body and your hips are more flexible and your knee can bear the pressure coming from sacroiliac joints and spine

Thus the health tips Friend, that review the best sleeping position for health. Hopefully useful and useful for all readers. good luck!!