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Ultimate Fashion Tips for Men to Make an Everlasting Impression

First impression are very important especially when judged for a job or a marriage proposal. First impression is usually considered as the last impression in most cases. Casting an everlasting impression is not at all an easy task, indeed it requires a lot of hard work on both your personal and physical grooming. If you are successful in creating an everlasting impression on your first date or first job you secure 80% chance of your success.

To leave an everlasting impression you need to move and play your cards with a strategic approach. If you successfully manage to cast a positive and memorable impact on your boss, you’ll top the priority list for the best opportunities when they come knocking, paving your way to career success. Here are five tips that’ll guide you to leave an everlasting impression according to the situation you are in:

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Dress formally with relevant accessories:

Dressing formally is an important part of success. It will add charm to your personality as well as boost the level of confidence. Suit is the best available option for men to wear if they wish to catch sight at first impression. However for this a deep understanding of fashion is required to how to pair your suit with other accessories. Therefore it is advisable to go with the traditional colors such as black, navy, charcoal and grey with a conservative dress shirt. It might be equally good idea to invest in blazers if you want to keep it balanced. Make sure the dress selection goes according to the environment.

Putting your looks together in one whole personality:

This idea/tip might be considered good to leave an everlasting impression on the women or girl you are going to date. Girls prefer men who carry a style with their personality. Therefore casting an everlasting impression is not an easy task as for that you need to come out of your comfort zone and dress yourself as you are given the last chance to leave an impression.

Maintain a strong Body language and a firm eye contact:

Your body language speaks a lot about you and how you feel. Maintaining a strong body language and a firm eye contact equally compliments the outfit you are wearing. These both features signify your preparedness and seriousness in carrying the job or fulfilling the requirements of a relationship. In short hold your self-esteem high, keep your head up and prove yourself the right choice. Poor body language on your part can make somebody feel like you are uninterested. Therefore, you should be careful about how you hold yourself around others. You might not even notice yourself but you are being judged on how you carry and expose yourself. It’s a talent to hide your flaws by covering them with a veil of style.

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The Perfect shoe:

Make some shoe salesman your good friend who can keep you updated with the latest trends that are in for formal and informal occasions. Women are observing and making assumptions about you. They are not just judging you but your fashion sense also. Navy suede wingtips, pierced detailing, contrast stitching, and crimson soles make these dress shoes a serious style score.

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