How To Clean And Cat Brush

Choose The Right Time and  Place

Find the time & place of routine where you and the cat feel calm and comfortable to perform a dental cleansing ritual.

Prepare Tools And  Materials

Most important is toothpaste or gel used to clean teeth. Toothpaste or gel can be obtained in petshop-petshop, look for non-spicy / mint taste that is not excessive and safe when swallowed. Better yet toothpaste with a taste of food.

 Familiarize The Cat With The Process Of Cleaning The Teeth

Not every cat enjoys cleaning his teeth, let alone cleaned first. Small cats from their clean teeth usually enjoy this cleaning process. Even they feel uncomfortable when their teeth are not cleaned.

Open His Mouth

Press the ends of both corners of the mouth with the middle finger and thumb. The other hand opened the front end of the lower jaw. Familiarize the cat with this process and also familiarize your technique. Or it can also directly open the cheek from the side, without having to open his jaw.

Use A Touch Of Toothbrush

Once accustomed to toothpaste or gel and finger touch on the teeth or gums, newly introduced with a toothbrush. After applying toothpaste or gel, toothbrush with a circular motion/twist.

Initially, Do Not Need All Teeth Brushed

Enough canine teeth and the 1-2 tooth next to it. This process needs to be done every day to get used to. The next day, after more familiar with the number of teeth that have been cleaned can be added until the entire teeth can be cleaned.

Cleaning With Abrasive Cloth

Stop the brushing process while the cat still enjoys it. Once accustomed, it only takes about 30 seconds to clean the teeth on the side. You do not have to worry too much about inner hygiene because the cat’s tongue is like a brush. Sometimes it is necessary to clean it up. The formation of tartar on the inside is much slower than the outside.
Stop the process of cleaning the teeth immediately when the cat starts to look stressed.

In the beginning, the tooth cleaning process can make you & the cat stress. Once accustomed, the process becomes fun. Congratulations brushing your teeth!


How to Take care of rabbit fur

Lion Head is a cute rabbit with cute long hair. However, to keep the feathers beautiful requires special care different from the feathers on the short-haired rabbit. Proper care will preserve the beauty of rabbits, rabbits in caring for long hairy rabbits of disease in the fall of your rabbit fur.

In the rabbit, long-haired rabbits or short-haired rabbits will constantly shed his fur and replace it with new fur. The feather that does not fall will affect the new fur that will grow. The brush required by the rabbit is a special brush made of iron. This is because the thickness of the plastic rabbit bristles will not be strong enough to brush your rabbit. Here’s how to care for a long-haired rabbit

Keep Your Rabbit Out Of A Hot Environment

Long-haired rabbit is a process of adaptation of rabbits with the atmosphere and weather conditions are cold even extreme. If the weather conditions experienced by hot rabbits then the rabbit will adapt to threshing feathers.


Bathing pet rabbits and brushing feathers is a good. Rare rabbit fur in grooming will turn into dreadlocks and tangles.


Moulting is a natural process whereby a rabbit will periodically about its feathers. How to rabbit fur rabbit occurs every 3 months and even more.

Rabbits can clean themselves by licking the fur, but because the rabbit is an animal that can not vomit eat a feather inside a rabbit’s stomach it will be difficult to get out. In the wild, the rabbit’s body is designed to eat hay and dry grass because it can help the rabbit to blot the fur balls present in the stomach and remove in the form of dirt. So little tips from me about Tips and How to Care for the Long Hairy Rabbit. may be useful


Maintain And How To Care For Cats

There are so many ways to make your pet cat more comfortable and secure when in your arms, as I will discuss on this occasion, where there are so many people who have a hobby of caring for animals but do not know how to care for her, well here i am will share his tips and tricks. To treat pet cats there are several things to note, such as the following:

Dietary Habit

This diet is very necessary at all to note that our cat is not experience obesity or overweight, for his diet must make his meal schedule because if not made his schedule will inconvenience our own or even interfere with our activities.

 Giving Drink

Provision of drinking is also very important because anyhow all living creatures that exist in this world is in need of water, and of course the water we provide must also water that cook to be healthy for our pet cat.

Bathe Her

To bathe this cat enough with 3 times a month, even if the cat we keep rarely out of the house, but if the cat we keep often out of the house as well as we are more often bathe her to look clean and healthy.


Her bed should also be noted for our comfortable and comfortable cat when waking from his sleep, and do not forget to always clean his bed.

Inside Examination

What is meant by the examination of the inside of his body examination so that always healthy like the provision of vaccines, and others? Although our cat does not look sick it is mandatory to do so that his immunity is maintained.

Treating Cat Fur

If you want to have a cat that feels good, of course, you should be able to take good care of the fur. To get a good feather there are various things we should look at first from health, cat food, cleanliness of the cage and various other factors.

Well, that’s how to Maintain And How to care for a good and true cat, hopefully, this article useful and good luck.…

How To Cattle Lovebird For Beginners

Lovebird breeding can be hard to say, but if you want to learn earnestly then you will know the tips and ways, so you can overcome the problems that will be pursued this time lovebird. Lovebird birds are a type of bird originating from the African continent. The uniqueness of this bird that has the nature of monogamy, although this bird can also be cultivated with polygamy system.

In addition to having beautiful shapes and colors, this bird also has a distinctive voice and chirp and character. For those of you who are interested in running this business and want to learn how to raise a good lovebird bird, then you must know the following important steps.

Knowing And Recognizing Lovebird Sex

For those of you who are still newbies and do not know much about lovebird birds, then surely you will find it difficult to distinguish between male and female sex. Female lovebirds usually have larger body shapes and sizes than male lovebirds, but occasionally the head size is usually smaller in females. The shape and size of the hip bone are usually larger because it serves to facilitate the laying.

Determining Breeding Goals

In lovebird birds, then you have to determine your destination. If you want a lovebird bird that has a good chirp sound, then feel you are choosing female seeds that have good chirping sounds as well. If you want to breed you to produce lovebird descent with good fur color, then try to try to marry a male with several females with different feather colors. This method is also known as the polygamy method, which is a male with three females.

The Size Of The Lovebird Cage

The breeding process will be easier to do if two lovebirds are included in one cage compared to inside a large cage.

How To Make Lovebird

If the age of female and male lovebirds are ready to be mated, then you can put them in a cage or cage so they can do the marriage and let the lovebird couple for a few days. The results of the marriage can be seen after 3 to 10 days after the process occurs. As for the time of incubating, usually, lovebird will incubate his egg-egg for 22 days to 25 days

Feed Puppies Lovebird

Types of good feed to be given to seedlings are the type of feed the manufacturer is sold in many feed stores. But in your area hard to find a feed shop, then the best type of feed is by giving the puppies with instant porridge for the baby like porridge. In addition, do not forget also to provide a good multivitamin to support the growth and development of saplings as well as maintain the health of lovebird itself