How to Take care of rabbit fur

Lion Head is a cute rabbit with cute long hair. However, to keep the feathers beautiful requires special care different from the feathers on the short-haired rabbit. Proper care will preserve the beauty of rabbits, rabbits in caring for long hairy rabbits of disease in the fall of your rabbit fur.

In the rabbit, long-haired rabbits or short-haired rabbits will constantly shed his fur and replace it with new fur. The feather that does not fall will affect the new fur that will grow. The brush required by the rabbit is a special brush made of iron. This is because the thickness of the plastic rabbit bristles will not be strong enough to brush your rabbit. Here’s how to care for a long-haired rabbit

Keep Your Rabbit Out Of A Hot Environment

Long-haired rabbit is a process of adaptation of rabbits with the atmosphere and weather conditions are cold even extreme. If the weather conditions experienced by hot rabbits then the rabbit will adapt to threshing feathers.


Bathing pet rabbits and brushing feathers is a good. Rare rabbit fur in grooming will turn into dreadlocks and tangles.


Moulting is a natural process whereby a rabbit will periodically about its feathers. How to rabbit fur rabbit occurs every 3 months and even more.

Rabbits can clean themselves by licking the fur, but because the rabbit is an animal that can not vomit eat a feather inside a rabbit’s stomach it will be difficult to get out. In the wild, the rabbit’s body is designed to eat hay and dry grass because it can help the rabbit to blot the fur balls present in the stomach and remove in the form of dirt. So little tips from me about Tips and How to Care for the Long Hairy Rabbit. may be useful


Tips on caring for Koi Fish with Easy

Goldfish chef itself is one type of aquarium pet fish that is quite a lot of interest and maintained by many people in general. Yes, goldfish chef itself is one type of freshwater ornamental fish that is very easy to find everywhere, its tiny and fat is one of the Siri which is the main attraction for the goldfish chef.

In addition to its shape, a variety of colors are also known to be characteristic of the type of goldfish, ranging from red, yellow, orange, white to black, which will usually be a combination of both colors and even three colors in one body of the goldfish. And each pet alone will always need different special care, for you who want to know it then here are some easy tips to care for goldfish chef that we can know together.

  • of course, of course, cleanliness of the aquarium, water, drain and clean the aquarium regularly and regularly and replace the water by using new water.
  • If using a biofiltration system or technique, consider and suspend airways smoothly, the biofiltration system is perfectly clean air. So the aquarium is not easily dirty and the air will not look cloudy.
  • For matters of food, the type of goldfish chef itself is one type of fish that is easily overweight, so that it is enough to be fed once in a day using top-quality pellets. Make sure the food is evenly distributed to the fish in the aquarium, and occasionally you can provide additional food such as red worms or hairworms.

Here is a little review of some easy tips to take care of carp chef that we already know together, hopefully, a little information on animal care above can help and can be useful for you all. Good Luck…