How To Clean And Cat Brush

Choose The Right Time and  Place

Find the time & place of routine where you and the cat feel calm and comfortable to perform a dental cleansing ritual.

Prepare Tools And  Materials

Most important is toothpaste or gel used to clean teeth. Toothpaste or gel can be obtained in petshop-petshop, look for non-spicy / mint taste that is not excessive and safe when swallowed. Better yet toothpaste with a taste of food.

 Familiarize The Cat With The Process Of Cleaning The Teeth

Not every cat enjoys cleaning his teeth, let alone cleaned first. Small cats from their clean teeth usually enjoy this cleaning process. Even they feel uncomfortable when their teeth are not cleaned.

Open His Mouth

Press the ends of both corners of the mouth with the middle finger and thumb. The other hand opened the front end of the lower jaw. Familiarize the cat with this process and also familiarize your technique. Or it can also directly open the cheek from the side, without having to open his jaw.

Use A Touch Of Toothbrush

Once accustomed to toothpaste or gel and finger touch on the teeth or gums, newly introduced with a toothbrush. After applying toothpaste or gel, toothbrush with a circular motion/twist.

Initially, Do Not Need All Teeth Brushed

Enough canine teeth and the 1-2 tooth next to it. This process needs to be done every day to get used to. The next day, after more familiar with the number of teeth that have been cleaned can be added until the entire teeth can be cleaned.

Cleaning With Abrasive Cloth

Stop the brushing process while the cat still enjoys it. Once accustomed, it only takes about 30 seconds to clean the teeth on the side. You do not have to worry too much about inner hygiene because the cat’s tongue is like a brush. Sometimes it is necessary to clean it up. The formation of tartar on the inside is much slower than the outside.
Stop the process of cleaning the teeth immediately when the cat starts to look stressed.

In the beginning, the tooth cleaning process can make you & the cat stress. Once accustomed, the process becomes fun. Congratulations brushing your teeth!


Tips on Caring for Dogs

Having a pet is a pleasure for its owner. Especially for dog owners. In addition, dogs are equally fun with cats. We can open with dogs, jump – jump, lick, climb our bodies and others – so that it can relieve stress and kept on while working.

But what if the pet we love suddenly sick? Maybe our day will be quiet, lonely and lovemaking. Well then than that please you read tips on caring for the following dogs:


If you introduce a dog, then bathe the legal obligatory. To bathe it is easy enough just to take a bath and prepare warm water and a special dog shampoo. Flush air into all parts of the dog’s body and shampoo after it is dried. A similar way to bathing a cat.

Check Dog Health

Rape your pet dog to the vet. It is directed to always maintain the health of dogs and if there is disease can be treated early on.

Takes Into Salon

For this way it requires extra funds, but what’s wrong if we spoil it for months. In order for the dog gets the maximum care to look even sweeter. Clean body parts of dogs for the body part of the dog need to be considered and clean ie:

  • Ear part, you have to be clean in the ear, because you have to clean the inside and outside of the ear. For how to clean it enough to prepare a cotton wool and wetted with carbon loser in liquid and rubbed slowly
  • Nails, in the nail section we have to routinely cut it. Because the elongate can hurt ourselves and the dog itself. In addition, the nails can be self-prolonged and for home dogs that rarely move nail, indulgence can be faster than the active dog.

I think it’s just a tip to take care of pets to be healthy, hopefully, your dog is healthy always and more lively and adorable.


Tips To Maintain Rabbits For Beginners

Caring for rabbits for beginners is actually one of the important aspects that must be taken care of, as pets such as rabbits themselves can indeed be said to be vulnerable to sickness and also death. Many beginners are certainly not specific from these types of pets, so no wonder if there are also many beginners who lose their pet rabbits due to wrong in daily care. Tips to maintain rabbits for beginners

  • If your rabbit already looks lethargic and not enthusiastic then you should continue to be suspicious and pay attention, especially if the rabbit is not willing to eat it can be ascertained whether the rabbit was or will be sick. The first step that must be taken when finding the condition is to separate the rabbits from the herd, and the display uses a small cage that can be stored inside the house so as not to get too exposed to wind or bad weather.
  • Make sure also in the cage there is clean water to drink enough rabbits because the intake of minerals that are needed by every living creature is no exception to the sick rabbits.
  • The next step is the provision of drugs for rabbits, in general, drugs for rabbits such as Panacur, Baytril or me that is an oral medication or medicine to drink, so from the benefits to working around it to be eaten by the rabbit is put together with the food given.
  • If the rabbit does not want to eat, then make a delicious meal by feeding it directly by force but softly and slowly, because if not the same intake of eating at all then certainly whether the rabbit will not heal and even death.
  • If with the above steps still no change then quickly go directly to the vet near your home.

Similarly above is a little review about some tips rabbit ailing illness that we know together, hopefully, a little pet care information above can help as well as useful for you all.


Tips on caring for Koi Fish with Easy

Goldfish chef itself is one type of aquarium pet fish that is quite a lot of interest and maintained by many people in general. Yes, goldfish chef itself is one type of freshwater ornamental fish that is very easy to find everywhere, its tiny and fat is one of the Siri which is the main attraction for the goldfish chef.

In addition to its shape, a variety of colors are also known to be characteristic of the type of goldfish, ranging from red, yellow, orange, white to black, which will usually be a combination of both colors and even three colors in one body of the goldfish. And each pet alone will always need different special care, for you who want to know it then here are some easy tips to care for goldfish chef that we can know together.

  • of course, of course, cleanliness of the aquarium, water, drain and clean the aquarium regularly and regularly and replace the water by using new water.
  • If using a biofiltration system or technique, consider and suspend airways smoothly, the biofiltration system is perfectly clean air. So the aquarium is not easily dirty and the air will not look cloudy.
  • For matters of food, the type of goldfish chef itself is one type of fish that is easily overweight, so that it is enough to be fed once in a day using top-quality pellets. Make sure the food is evenly distributed to the fish in the aquarium, and occasionally you can provide additional food such as red worms or hairworms.

Here is a little review of some easy tips to take care of carp chef that we already know together, hopefully, a little information on animal care above can help and can be useful for you all. Good Luck…

Tips On Cutting Cat Nails

For cat nail cutters are usually done back home once again and must be remembered, this needs to be done when your cat’s nails are long and quite sharp. The process of cutting cat nails above on cats that have a small age.

With the aim that your cat can get used to doing this activity when he grows up. Cutting on the cat’s nails is also very important for cats that want to mate, so as not to hurt their partner with each other. Apart from that cat nail cutting can also keep clean and help the cat’s health itself.

The uniqueness of the cute nail polish has anatomy that is different from the dog because the fingernails are owned by a cat like a dog. Cat nails can generally hide under normal circumstances and can also come out if your cat is angry.

What you need to see in the cat’s flesh by looking at the meat line on the cat’s nail. In order for the time of the process of cutting, your cat’s nails do not bleed which resulted in the cat will feel the pain. Usually, in the deepest part of the cat’s nail, there will be a pink part, and bright never to cut the pink part. Here are some steps to cut cat’s nails:

 How To Make

This is very useful for cutting your cat’s nails. Because if you hand part of the palm of his nails it will come out spontaneously. If her nails are out then you can start to cut her nails.

Use A Special Nail Clipper For Your Cat

Nail clippers are widely sold in a various petshop, the benefits of use on nail clippers will be safer than the usual nail clippers are often in use humans. You need to have these nail clippers, if when you need them to cut your favorite cat’s nail.

Cut At The Edges Only

Keep in mind, whether in cutting the fingernails do not lead inside because it will be the skin on the nail will be cut off and will be sorted out the cat in pain.


You should get used to taking the time to cut the cat’s nails. Stage in the process of cat well usually done in one year that nails that have long and pointed.