Tips On Cutting Cat Nails

For cat nail cutters are usually done back home once again and must be remembered, this needs to be done when your cat’s nails are long and quite sharp. The process of cutting cat nails above on cats that have a small age.

With the aim that your cat can get used to doing this activity when he grows up. Cutting on the cat’s nails is also very important for cats that want to mate, so as not to hurt their partner with each other. Apart from that cat nail cutting can also keep clean and help the cat’s health itself.

The uniqueness of the cute nail polish has anatomy that is different from the dog because the fingernails are owned by a cat like a dog. Cat nails can generally hide under normal circumstances and can also come out if your cat is angry.

What you need to see in the cat’s flesh by looking at the meat line on the cat’s nail. In order for the time of the process of cutting, your cat’s nails do not bleed which resulted in the cat will feel the pain. Usually, in the deepest part of the cat’s nail, there will be a pink part, and bright never to cut the pink part. Here are some steps to cut cat’s nails:

 How To Make

This is very useful for cutting your cat’s nails. Because if you hand part of the palm of his nails it will come out spontaneously. If her nails are out then you can start to cut her nails.

Use A Special Nail Clipper For Your Cat

Nail clippers are widely sold in a various petshop, the benefits of use on nail clippers will be safer than the usual nail clippers are often in use humans. You need to have these nail clippers, if when you need them to cut your favorite cat’s nail.

Cut At The Edges Only

Keep in mind, whether in cutting the fingernails do not lead inside because it will be the skin on the nail will be cut off and will be sorted out the cat in pain.


You should get used to taking the time to cut the cat’s nails. Stage in the process of cat well usually done in one year that nails that have long and pointed.


tips on caring for newborn cats

Caring for a newborn cat is not as easy as an adult cat’s, plus a small cat that has no mother. Either it was left dead, stolen people or other causes that have been attached. Well, therefore here I will explain how to care for a newborn kitten without its mother

The important thing is you have a newborn kitten but no parent is to give special attention. Do not let you see and that without any care. There are no 7 things you should notice.

Placing A Cats Baby In A Comfort Place

When the kitten is left by the parent then automatically he lost the embrace of the mother. You have to build the role of her mother by providing a comfortable cage. Keep the cage in a warm room and the temperature is not too hot or cold. In addition, you can also apply blankets of unused cloth at home, whether it’s a blanket or marks of soft baby clothes and thick.

Give The Box Contains Sand For Cats

When you have chosen the right cage for him, then how to care for the next kitten is to provide a sandbox that serves as a waste disposal.

Clean Cat Eye Shit

Because the parent does not exist, then after the kitten woke up my friend must get used to clean up the dirt in a tolerable area to keep clean. First, you have to provide water and warm water, then dip the cotton into the air and then rubbed on the cat’s eyes slowly.

Give Drinking Special Milk For Kittens

Giving milk drinks should not be arbitrary, you must provide a special milk for cats. Do not let you try to give human milk because formula milk for humans contains lactose that can damage the digestion of cats.

 Feeding Cat

In order for a big fast kitten should be diligent depending on the nutritious and nutritious cat food.

Understanding Baby’s Cats Habits

Understand your cat’s habits at home, understand when the cat begins to go hungry, understand when the cat wants to get rid of the dirt and understand when the cat is bored or wants to play with you guys.